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Michael Roy's Folding Paper Art

Re-Purposed Paper

Your guests will be "Green" with envy. Right before their eyes, Michael Roy will morph a page from one of his old Rand McNally Road Atlases into a beautiful swan or lovely sea shell with crystal glass marble "pearl". These, and many other delights of origami art, can be your guests' to keep; each folded from Michael Roy's repertoire of recycled paper "old school". For years Michael Roy has used the most fuel and resource efficient "recycled" paper. He doesn't wait until it goes through the recycle process. He simply rescues papers from his own junk mail, old blue prints, office recycle bins, and, of course, retro maps. So don't be green with envy. Help Michael stay "Green" and contribute to a sustainable environment. Adopt one of his rescued junkyard papers turned Party Animal. Your guests will enjoy junk mail for many years to come!


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