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Origami Workshop
Michael Roy's origami workshop begins with a brief stand up presentation of fun with paper folding. Then discover that you can understand those cryptic symbols in the origami instruction books! And maybe, just maybe, you will actually come away with a bonafide origami art masterpiece! OK, probably a slightly simpler piece . . . or a snowball. But who knows?! You may be on your way to fulfilling that secret passion of yours to be the next American Origami Idol. It could happen.

Juggling Workshop
Michael Roy's Juggling Workshops draw on his 20 year career as a world class juggler with a one-man theatre/juggling show. He leads his classes through an exploration of this fun (and frustrating) circus art, helping each participant unlock the secrets of object manipulation. Learning the fundamentals of toss, balance, and spin, maybe you will be inspired to quit the day job and actually run off and join the circus! (Of course, a few thousand hours of follow-up practice may be in order before telling the boss what you really think.)

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Puzzle Art
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